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Shalom family.... To the wonderful name of the Most High YHWH and to our salvation..................................................................................................Shalom
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  Lies are easy to hear, easy to believe and easy to live by. Lies also are meant to deceive, entrap and ensnare you. Are you willing to wake up from all those lies you have been told and strive after what is real and learn the ways of the the Most High, the Creator of the universe and what He says?

Psalms 111:10 The fear of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.
Proverbs 1:7 The fear of YHWH is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.
Proverbs 9:10 The fear of YHWH is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Response from People

Pastor Dowell - Response from People (YouTube Video)

I am starting to get a lot of response from Christians and it’s not negative.
They are really and truly concerned by the things that they are hearing from me. The reason why they are concerned is because the things I say flies in the face of everything they have ever been taught and the things that they have accepted as truth in the religion of Christianity.

I can’t blame them.

They see the personal attacks against me. They are intelligent enough to figure out what’s going on.

I had one person say, “I know how to think for myself and I know how it’s going to be any time someone stands for truth. I don’t expect them to be well spoken of. So I try to weigh the evidence very carefully. There are a few people who obviously are bitter against you, but when you hear what they have to say, it’s nothing but noise – no facts – they are just stating their personal opinions.”

Those are the intelligent one. Don’t believe everything that everyone says.

I don’t expect you to just believe what I say. I expect for you to do something that you probably have never done in your life. I expect you to do your due diligence and do research behind the things that I say.

Unlike, when you were born in this country, you have to understand that when you fell out of your mother’s womb, this system and this cosmos was already functional and in place. You got indoctrinated in it. All of us did. We got indoctrinated into the system of this world. Most of us think, because we have accepted something, or because mama and daddy taught us, or the church taught us, or this is what they say or this is what we personally accept, etc… Most of think that it’s the truth and the gospel truth and it’s a fact.

What a rude awakening a person gets when they start investigating things!

I have a lot of people (especially a lot of white people) who are concerned about the things that I say. Don’t take that as a disparaging comment. This is about knowledge and this is about truth.

John 8:32 says:
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

This is about being FREE! Remember lies bind.

So they are concerned about the things that I say. When they go back and listen and when their mind has been introduced to these truths, they start investigating them and they start getting upset because they found out that I’m not the man, nor is Straitway the institution, that has taught them fairytales and promoted lies. We are not the ones. That’s the reason why the ministry is called the Straitway Truth because we represent the truth and they truth Straitway.

A few people wanted me to give a brief summary of why I keep talking about the Israelites and the Hebrew faith. I will do that for a moment but if you will go back and check out the 6 part series that I have on YouTube called “Christian or Israelite” (Links below) this is probably the best teaching series that I have done on it for those that are brand new to hearing these things and getting a witness in the spirit that what I am saying is Truth.


Part 1

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Even if you are troubled by the things that I say, that is also witness because you at least get to crack open your bible and investigate what I say.

Most people want you to continue in the lie and they don’t ever expect you to exercise and autonomy what so ever at all.

THEY expect you to keep believing tradition, religion, and doctrines of men without questioning anything. THEY have conditioned us to the point where we actually question the bible! To the point where we try to see if the bible “fits” our religion, if it fits our traditions, if the bible fit our truth. And if the bible does “fit” we throw away the bible!

This is why I am sympathetic to people like this because I use to be in the same boat they are in. This is why I preach and teach the way I do with so much passion.

I am sure that people may not like what I am getting ready to say but they cannot find fault with the message. This is the reason people try to resort to character assassination because I am not going to capitulate to the religion of Christianity.

I’m going to tell the TRUTH! Now let’s get the truth here.

In the beginning with what has been rehearsed in our minds, the first people written in bible are Adam and Eve. We are going to start in Genesis the 10 chapter which talks about the Table of Nations. In that Table of Nations, it talks about genealogy. Now genealogy is something that we usually get bored with and we really truly don’t want to look at but I promise you, that I made that mistake 20+ years ago. Then it entered into my mind that I needed to start paying attention to the genealogies because when I did there was a lot that was going to be uncovered.

Now in Genesis 10 you have the 3 sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, & Japheth. We have been taught in this world that there are people called Jews and now, some way, somehow, these people have become the people of the book (the Bible).

Is that the truth? Is that Fact? Is that so?

The burden of proof is on you. If anyone advances the charge that they are in fact the people of the bible then you must prove your position. Because if I am here preaching and teaching and telling you that those are NOT the people of the bible, then something is gravely wrong.
When you can understand that truth, the house of cards begins to tumble and begin to fall and they come down hard.

In a nutshell, Japheth is the progenitor of the “white race” or European people and nations. All you need to do is go back and look at those names and see where their geographical location comes from. Get a Strong’s Dictionary and look behind each one of those names.

You are also going to see Jovan and Ashkenazi. Jovan are the Greeks and the Romans. Ashkenazi are the Germanic Khazarian Jews who now occupy the tents or the land of Shem – which bible prophecy said would take place.

When you get to Ham, he is the progenitor of the African races.

Shem is the progenitor of those in the area commonly called the Middle East. YAH gave them the land of Northeast Africa which is commonly called the land of Canaan. This is also known as the land of Judea which had been renamed Palestine.

Shem is very unique because he is the progenitor of the people who come from Eber. Eber is also the great grandfather of Abraham.

Abraham as well as Ham were people of the darker races or with darker hues of color in their skin. The reason why this is important is because it tears down the fallacy and the lie Israel is now white.

According to Isaiah 29:22 – Isaiah say that the face of Jacob will never wax pale - but what are we dealing with today? We live in a time and a generation today where they are preaching and teaching that the face of Jacobs is now pale. The people in the east know better than this but all the European nations have been greatly duped and deceived and the facts are just too harsh.

Jacob, who had 4 wives, out of him comes the 12 tribes of Israel. Jacob had a son called Joseph. Joseph ended up in Egypt as the second in charge. Egypt was an all “black” nation – you can go and look at geography, hieroglyphics, science, historical documents, records, facts and the bible itself to prove this.

If that is the case, why didn’t Josephs’ brothers recognize him when he was second in command as Zaphnathpaaneah in Egypt?

Israel was in fact a black nation. They were in slavery to the Egyptians. Because they rejected the laws, statues, and commandments, even though they said that they were going to keep them, my people were rebellious and this is the reason why the plight of the black people today, all across the world, scattered like the sands of the sea, or the Hebrew people who come from Shem, are in captivity to all of these nations. It’s YAHs whoopin post against a disobedient and gain slaying people.

When you understand what I just said, then it tears down the Israeli lie - this myth of the “Jewish” people. There was no such thing and there is no such thing in the bible as a “Jewish” people.

What you are deal with here is penmanship. You are dealing with Trans-LIE-ation. You are dealing with a people who have an agenda. Keep in mind that the books (the bible) was retranslated and given to us by the Europeans and they have redefined words. This is why you must be a student and look behind these things.

I believe that once people can accept this truth that I have just discussed – for example realizing how Charlton Heston, who played Moses in the movie “The 10 Commandments” - while Moses wasn’t white, and the Israelites were not white – then maybe this will stop the racism in this country.

There is a hard line spirit out there that tries its best to fight against this. It is called the Christian Identity Movement or the White British Israelite doctrine. This doctrine believes that they Christians or these nations of gentiles, which also come from Japheth – he is the progenitor of the gentiles. Everyone in this world is not gentiles. These are the only people who are defined as gentiles and you can read that over in Genesis 10:5.- Just Japheth and his sons. Ham, Shem, etc are not gentiles. And what the trans-lie-ators used was reverse Psychology, penmanship, and lies that they have promoted to practice replacement theology and that’s why we’re in the shape and condition that we are in today because the Father of lies has raise up his seed to lie to the whole entire world. This is the reason why this world as all mixed up.

Now we come to find out that Jesus is also black. Remember that the prophecy in Hosea said “out of Egypt I will call my son”. Egypt was YAHs son as well, which you will read in the scriptures that Egypt is a part of YAHs people, which is also in the prophecies. He says this because you could not hide white people in Egypt.

This is a truth that is not hard to understand for those who have the Holy Spirit and the power of YAH working in their lives.

This is a brutal truth and an honest truth.

That means that all this time Jesus went in to Egypt with Joseph and Miriam (Mary) because they could easily mix in. The same thing as if I went to Africa right now – I could easily blend in with the nation of Ham (Africans) but white people can’t. That’s just a fact. Now where is Egypt at?

The problem is that we look at the world today after the conquests of Alexandra the Greek and after the white man who went and spread what they had through conquests or things they stole (land, people, resources, etc). If you won land through conquests, then so be it. But to sit down, smoke peace pipes, and come to people with a white flag of truce and then attack them…What is that? Is that not Satan?

What’s happening today is that the Truth that has been pressed down in starting to rise to the top and knowledge is being increased. That means that these lies that Christianity, Judeo Christianity, and the religion of Judaism are all a farce and all a lie. Every bit of it!

Most people are taking offense to this because the truth is, like it or not, my people are the chosen people of YAH. We are the ones that fit the curses of the book. We were in the Babylonian captivity, the Assyrian captivity, the Medes and the Persians captivity, the Greek and the Roman captivity, and now we are in the European, British & American captivity. All these captivities were prophesized but when Jesus comes, he’s going to deliver us from this captivity. Everything that our captures have done to us, God says He’s going to do the same thing to their children.

This recompense is coming and it’s not going to be stopped. You can try to ignore it and dress it down. Satan can try all he can to promote this lie and think that it can continue to keep happening but prophecy has a time to run and then after that it’s over.

If that’s the case then that means YAH’s chosen people, the Hebrew Israelites, are in fact the chosen people of the book.

If that is the case then that means that America, Europe, and all you nations that promote Christianity have bowed down and given all this money to these Jews which the bible says, in Revelations 2:9 & Revelations 3:9, is the synagogue of satan. So the present Israeli over there is the church of satan because they do not receive the messiah.

Neither do the Christians! This is a hard hitting fact right here, you are not going to find too many white people bowing down and serving a black Jesus. That’s why the apocrypha talks about how they painted the images. If it didn’t make any difference what color Jesus was then why misrepresent everything? The only people who have misrepresented anything is probably the Greek orthodox and the Russian orthodox churches who you can go on YouTube and see them with a black Mary and a black Jesus. They got it right.

This is a pill that America and people of European descent find it entirely too hard to swallow. So tell me who is promoting racism and who is promoting lies? It’s not me. That’s for sure!

I think the reason why people are upset at me is because I speak truth to power and I’m not going to be intimidated by the lies, replacement theology, and all the false doctrine that people are teaching.

I have enemies on both sides. Black folks are mad at me because they say I associate with gentiles, heathens, goyims, these white people who have done all these atrocities to us.

Then I have white folks mad at me because I tell the truth about the Historical history of biblical Israel.

I have enemies on both side but as long as I am not the enemy of YAH, then I am fine and good.

I do know this: I have been filled with the Holy Spirit. I keep His commandments and I live a separated life. If that is good enough for YAH, than that is good enough for me. HALLELUYAH!

I am not going to bite on the fruit of those lies. So can people of another nation be grafted into Israel? Yes you can but you are going to have to forsake being a Christian. You are going to have to forsake being an American, first, because your allegiance has to be to my people, the ancient Israelites, who’s allegiance is to the Almighty.

How will it go for you?

Let’s recall in the story of Esther when Hammon went to the King and said, “There are a certain people who dwell in this land. These people that dwell in this land have laws different than our laws and it doesn’t profit us to suffer these people to live. It doesn’t profit us one bit to let them continue because they exalt the law of their God above your laws, oh king.”

Once again we are at the same crossroads where now America is trying to force feed us at the end of a gun barrel to capitulate to the state. They are trying to force homosexuality to be accepted down our throats and their using pressure from the government and the United States Military to try to impose their statehood and their will upon us. But those who believe in keeping the commandments, believe that the law (YAHs law and commandments) is holy, just and good, those of us that believe in the grace – the same grace that was given to Noah & and same grace that Paul talked about – we exalt the laws of The Eternal Most High. The laws of Almighty YHWH above the laws of any secular country and man. Because the truth is, the creator of the universe does not care one bit about the laws of any nation. He cares about His laws.

So here we are again. If we keep the commandments, it’s hard for us to get a job in this world if we continue to keep these laws. Even the people who have been deceived to be under this law of man become our enemies. Our family becomes our enemies. We turn from sin. We’re not clubbing. We’re not boozing, carousing and reviling, or going out party hardying.

We are living a clean and separated life. We start reading our bible and going to church and they call us all types of disparaging names or comments: Fanatic, Kook, Crack pipe, cult, etc.

They talk as if their lifestyle is the epitome and champion of holiness.

We have been where they are. They have never been where we are so we have been converted. The Most High has given us His spirit to help us with this conversion process so we can go on to perfection.

Once the lie of the people of Israel being white and Jesus being white is exposed and tore down, then that means that all this groveling at the feet of Jews stops. The lie is no longer promoted.

That means all these false lies and traditions that the Christians have been promoting, especially TBN, and the way that we need to bless the Jewish people - The truth is that all those blessings need to come to my people and anyone who is grafted in to my people.
This is a hard truthful message that they just simply cannot accept and they won’t accept.

It’s only a few of us that is going to be saved anyway and that should be your only concern.

Save yourself. Check out what I preach and teach. Do your due diligence and take your time. Crack open your bible. Go and learn what the bible says about a subject first, then find out what I have to say about it, or what anybody has to say about it and you will not be deceived once you educate yourself.

Make no mistake about it. You will have to educate yourself.

I hope I have gained some brothers and sisters because you have heard the truth from Pastor Dowel - The Truth Straitway.

Shalom and have a good day.

Thanks Sister Joy Transcribing this video :)

(Tyranny 1) The Law - Romans 13: Taught Hebraic (Sabbath Service)

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