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Shalom family.... To the wonderful name of the Most High YHWH and to our salvation..................................................................................................Shalom
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Pastor Charles Dowell, Jr.
For Bookings and Holy Spirit filled meetings where the Holy Spirit Will have His way in Healings and Deliverances for His people Is proper and in order.





The Royal Purple and the Biblical Blue: Argaman and Tekhelet
the study of Chief Rabbi Dr. Isaac Herzog on the dye industries in ancient Israel and recent scientific contributions
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This Straitway forum is designed to help you to develop and grow in the faith.

Tsiyon Hebrew Israelite Forum

Welcome & Orientation
This Straitway forum is designed to help you to develop and grow in the faith. Here we expect honor and integrity to rule in your hearts. No profanity will be tolerated in any kind of forum. Please enjoy this outlet to the Saints of the world.

Upcoming meetings and events.

General Discussion
Community heart talks about any topic.

Question & Answers
Post your questions and answers here.

Prayer request
Post your request if you would like others to pray for you.

This is the most neglected part of the ministry. Here you can learn as well as provide information to defeat the enemy of our soul.

Metals News
Gold & Silver is YHWHís money so letís get back to sound money and teach others why and what is happening in the markets today.

In The News
Here discuss the latest news to help keep the Saints informed as to what is happening in the world.

Topical Discussions

The Feast of YHWH
Most people have been conditioned to believe that the Feast Days are Jewish Holidays, yet the Scriptures teaches they belong to the Most High and they are His Feast.

The Sabbath Day
Which is it the 7th day or the 1st day. Please provide Scriptural reference and letís talk about it.

Hebrew Israelites
What were Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Jesus, Peter, Paul?

Where did this religion originate from? Does the Scriptures teach us to be Christians?

Doctrine & Theology
Discussion about doctrine, teachings, perspectives and theological and dogmatic topics.

Pagan Holidays
Many people do not know why Christmas, Easter and Sunday are all pagan holidays. Please provide facts as to why.

The Ten Commandments are still binding today. Speak as to why we should continue to guard them.

Health Discussion
Here you can discuss what YOU do for your health. You cannot tell others what to do. Only what YOU would do. So please share your opinions.

Israelite Exile Preparedness

Survival & Preparedness
Training and knowledge will help prepare you for upcoming events in this world. Please feel free to provide wisdom and knowledge to help others.

Home Made Natural Products
Daughters of Tyison can trade wisdom about making natural products.

Home Schooling
Abeka & A.C.E, talk about the curriculum and the real truth here.

Here you can gain wisdom and save a lot of steps about what kind of firearms to use and products.

Book reviews
Wisdom about all natural gardening.

Wisdom about all natural gardening.

Bail Out/Bug Out Bags
What are bail out bags and what kind do you need?

Just For You

Men of YHWH
Menís discussion forum no women or children allowed.

Daughter of Tsiyon
Women discussion forum no men or children allowed.

Teenagers & Children
Fathers and Mothers may monitor. Discussion for the children.

May the Lord Jesus Bless you


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